COVID-19 Announcement

While we are hardly unique in this time of ‘social distancing’ and ‘sheltering in place’, our church has been working hard to bless you while you are unable to attend worship services in the normal way. Our services will be streamed live on YouTube at approximately 11:00 am Central Daylight Time. Please follow this link to find our YouTube channel: Grandview DBC , then click “subscribe” and the bell icon to be notified when our service begins. After the sermon, the link will also be posted to our Messages page like normal.
Our prayer is that while we are unable to meet in person, that God’s Word will still bless you in a special way through the avenue of technology. We look forward with anticipation to the time when we will be able to fellowship together face-to-face!


Here is a link to our latest video: It Is Finished!

5th Sunday Services

Worship Services will be held Sunday, June 30th in Garnett KS – normal service in Grandview will be recalled.

Lunch will be served following the service, and all are welcome to stay and fellowship with us afterward. Please come and “magnify the Lord” with us!

Sunday School 10 am

Worship 11 am


1002 South Westgate

Garnett, KS 66032

For directions or assistance please contact Johnathan Edgecomb at 785-204-1859.

5th Sunday Worship Location

Our 5th Sunday services will be held in California, MO at the High Point Elementary School. Contact Daniel Wininger with any questions (573) 338-4434


High Point Elementary School

60909 State Hwy C, California, MO 65018

– Special Worship Service Location –


Our plans have changed, due to weather moving in. At this point we still plan to have services, however they will be relocated to our normal location in Grandview.

We will update this page again if our plans change.


Due to an expected large number of guests on Sunday, March 3rd, 2019; we plan to hold worship services at the Peculiar Lions Club building. Following the service, all are welcome to stay and fellowship with us around the noon meal. Our normal afternoon Bible study will be recalled.

Peculiar Lions Club address:
500 Schug Ave
Peculiar, MO 64078

Peculiar Lions Club

2018 Sermon Recordings Complete!

I am pleased to announce that all available sermon recordings for 2018 have been edited and are now available. Please continue to have patience with us as we work through older recordings, as time permits… All recordings will be uploaded to this page or sub-pages:
Thank you for your interest! My prayer is that the Spirit of the Almighty will speak with power and grace to you through these messages!